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After working in a field closely related but not fully immersed in the digital marketing industry as a whole, founders Daniel and Peter decided to leave their previous positions and start a company. With their main focus being to offer digital marketing strategies to businesses who will benefit and grow their client base substantially by having an online presence created and nurtured for them.


In order to stand out in the current marketplace, Clever Digital Marketing (CDM) is a brand built on the core value of wanting to help business owners succeed. Although we have grown exponentially over the last few years, we continue to stick to those core values. CDM is driven by results, demonstrates professionalism, and uses a strategic approach to the digital marketing business. These ideals are essential to every member of our team and are a large part of what has contributed to our success with customer retention across our own client base.


At CDM, we provide effective marketing strategies to companies that range in a variety of sizes and industries. Regardless of your business, you can always improve with digital marketing services. We thrive on innovation and spend a great deal of our time identifying the next big ideas that will help you succeed. Allow our team to grow the presence of your brand through web design and paid advertising.

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Offering the best in house digital marketing services and technology solutions to Small and Corporate businesses. We're changing the way digital marketing is done with our technology and hybrid service.


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665 Millway Ave Unit 12 Upstairs, Concord, ON L4K 3T8, Canada

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