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About the Brand

This company is a window and door company that has been providing European style windows and doors to clients since 1998. They are a team of professionals that take care of everything from manufacturing, customizing, and installing windows and doors. After being in the industry for over 20 years they noticed that they were beginning to struggle with acquiring new clients in the same ways that they used to and began to realize that in order to grow their business, they needed to become more present online.


  • Low traffic on existing website

  • Lack of brand awareness in a competitive market

  • Lack of knowledge on Facebook and Instagram marketing 

  • Decrease in new leads through current marketing


We developed a 4-step plan that began with Market Research, which led to

Campaign Planning, followed by Implementation which brought them Growth and Generated Revenue for their business. The results below were acquired in just under 4 months of our marketing efforts.

Over 421,182







Ad Spend


Conversion Rate

Services Provided

Landing Page Design & Development

Facebook and Instagram Marketing

Lead Tracking System

Email Marketing

  1. Landing Page Design & Development

We designed and developed a landing page for Euro Choice Windows & Doors, we placed the link in all of their ads so that we could effectively capture pre-qualified leads for their business.

2. Lead Tracking System

We created a shared google sheet where every lead’s information was automatically inputted and updated on an ongoing basis so that we could monitor the quality of leads, and adjust our marketing efforts accordingly. This also made it easy for the client to personally follow up with leads within the first few days of being acquired.

3. Facebook and Instagram Marketing

Our Facebook and Instagram marketing plan was split into 3 phases.


We began our marketing strategy by running ads specifically to create brand awareness and give their website and social media platforms some exposure. This phase spent about $1240.00 in ad spend, after about 2 months and once the audience was warm, we moved into the second phase. 


The second phase in our plan was to begin running campaigns for lead generation. Within our first phase of testing, we have already acquired over 70 new leads for Euro Choice Windows & Doors with an Ad Spend of only $1,884.89


The third phase of our ongoing marketing strategy is to continue monitoring metrics and advance with the next step being of testing creatives, ad copy, and interest targeting as needed. We use this phase to further optimize existing and new campaigns.

4. Email Marketing

We utilized email marketing to ensure that we had an effective follow up system in place. This keeps existing prospects in our clients ecosystem by sending out automated emails on a schedule that is created specifically for each client based on the data we’ve collected.

Tools & Technology We Used

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