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We grow businesses online. It’s why we exist

Search and shopping

Search and shopping campaigns give you the ability to bid search terms according to what our softwares suggests to us. This will put you ahead of your competitors with less ad spend.

Google advertising is the “catching platform”. The targeting options, maximized with high end keywords using broad modified targeting will increase your website traffic by however much you want to spend.

As we take our clients success with google ads very seriously, before we work on creating an advertising system for you using google ads we perform a website audit where we thoroughly assess your website for key points such as

  1. Sticky phone number on the top of your website
  2. Clear and concise messaging.
  3. Multiple Call to Actions
  4. Mobile optimizations 
  5. Optimized load time
  6. Google tag manager tracking
  7. Original Content
  8. New/Updated Content
  9. Multiple pages for your different services or products
  10. Overall UI/UX

And a lot more..

Without these attributes, you risk spending your money on obtaining a high quality potential client’s interest but losing them due to a slight flaw in your website’s user experience.

“Spending money without having our checklist of to-do is equivalent to a liability; it’s simply money lost”

Google Ads campaign interface

Our Google Ads targets buyers. Plain and simple. With the abundance of search terms people are typing related to your business, we are able to target the 1% of people who are ready for your service. We do this by our search and filter method.

Call & Lead Form Extensions

Google lead form extensions will show beneath your search ad on mobile and tablet devices and allow a user to provide their contact information directly through your ad on the search results page of Google. This replaces the need for a user to visit your mobile site in order to convert into a lead.